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ANFE012 Arnaudov.  
CAFE067 Cole  
JJFE000  Jordan 
KPFE050 Kozak
KJFE055  Kurtz 
SDFE000 Shubik 
SDFE059 Smith 
TFFE019 Tabor 
TWFE076 Tipton
TCFE038 Tocwish 
ZRFE075 Zelek
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Stock illustrations, cartoons, caricatures and Assignment Artists.

  Illustrations ready for publications.


    FEI is always in pursuit of excellence in the field of art for books, magazines, calendars, corporate publications,       animations, TV and motion picture.
3D   Calendar and clip art.  
    Cost Efficiency. A client can lease exactly the work needed and pay only for the intended usage, usually about a  third of the productions cost.

Comics strips.