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Journalists, Cinematographers, Writers, Photographers, Artists in Europe

      Journalists - Representatives
      are listed under: FPINS - News Report.
  On request from some of our members,
we do not list their names.
Key.  Country. Name. Qualification Available for Assignments or Projects: Membership Press accredited
Belgium. Ms. Christina Goodwin. Photographer/Journalist - stock images. Europe. Belgium. Non - active Unlimited
Bulgaria. Mr. Nikolay Arnaudow. Artist - work available.   Active  N/A
Croatia. Mr. N.A Writer/Journalist - work available. Croatia. Active Unlimited
Czech Rep. Ms. N.A. Photographer/Journalist Czech Rep. Active Unlimited
England. N/A. J.P.W.      
Europe. Mr. Robert Kiss. Photographer/Journalist - stock images.   Active Unlimited
Europe. Mr. Jaroslav Mikus. Cinematographer/ Videographer - movies.   Active Unlimited
Europe.... Mr. Bruno Pavan. Photographer/Journalist - stock images. Europe. Spain. Active Unlimited
France. Ms. Catherine Boineau. Photographer - images available. France. Active Limited
France. Mr. Patrick Chatelier. Photographer - images available.   Active Limited
Germany. Mr. Karlheinz Irlmeier Photographer - stock images.   Active Limited
Germany. Mr. Sascha Montag. Photographer/Journalist - stock images. Europe. Asia. Active Unlimited
Greece. Mr. John Wes . Writer/Journalist -   Non - active N/A
Ireland. Mr. N.A. Photographer/Journalist Ireland. Active Unlimited
Italy. Mr. Sergio Pessolano. Photographer - stock images. Italy. Active Limited
Italy. Mr. Paolo Zanasi. Videographer/Journalist Italy. Active Unlimited
Netherland. Mr.Gerty Bataille.  Writer/Journalist -   Non - active N/A
Poland. N/A. J. P. W.        
Portugal. N/A. J. P. W..        
Russia Mr. Serguei Fomine. Photographer - stock images. Russia. Non - active Limited
Russia Mr. Valentin Smirnov. Photographer/Journalist - stock images.   Non - active Limited
Russia Mr. Mikhail Dychliuk. Photographer - stock images .   Active Limited
Slovak Rep. Mr. Peter Banos. Photographer/Journalist - stock images.   Active Unlimited
Spain. Mr. Jesus A. Ibanez. Photographer - stock images. Spain. Active Limited 
Spain. Mr. Julian Jordan. Artist - work available.   Active N/A
Switzerland. Ms. Roberta Campani. Writer/Journalist - work available. Europe, Africa Active Unlimited
U.K. Mr. Gordon Irving. Writer/Journalist -   Non - active N/A
Yugoslavia Ms. N.A. Journalist.   Active Unlimited
Yugoslavia & Albania Ms. Mr. N.N/A. J.        
Journalist, - also under FPINS - News Report.   N/A. - Not applicable.
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