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Daniel D. Tomcheff,
Nevada. USA. 

Daniel D. Tomcheff: His first published work, an essay (“The New York 
Madness Comes to Chicago”) appeared in Panorama, the weekend supplement 
of the now-defunct Chicago Daily News, on May 1, 1965.  In January 1973, a college 
English reader (he is one of three co-editors) “Perceptions and Reflections,” 
was published.  It had one printing of 10,000 copies..

Additionally, he has written a novel, four novellas, dozens of short stories, 
a nonfiction book, a number of essays, and two screenplays, all of which are or
will be circulated to various publishing houses or production companies.

Daniel copy edited the early drafts of John Alexander's book, “Future War: 
Non-Lethal Weapons in Twenty-First Century Warfare.”  With his wife Erin, he 
co-authored part of the text for the George Anderson and Andrew Barone book, 
“Lessons from the Light: Extraordinary Messages of Comfort And Hope from the 
Other Side.”  Both books were published in May of 1999.

Mr. Anderson's book grew out of a "grief therapy" weekend he and Erin (and 
some other families) spent with him in 1995.  Mr. Tomcheff stated,  "Erin and I, 
working with one of those families, are finishing a nonfiction book that also 
comes out of that weekend.".

Finally, he has created a column concept, samples of which were submitted to
newspapers here and abroad. He wants these to appear in large, metropolitan
newspapers three times a week—every Sunday, as well as on two weekdays.

FPINS International - Writers. Following samples were extruded from Daniel D. Tomcheff  materials for purpose of exhibiting it in our Writer's Gallery. To review more of his work please, contact FPINS International.

To review more of his work, contact: FPINS International

Thoughts Along the Way :

Short Stories of a Modern Day Villager:

The following is the Table of Contents for the Frederick stories.

1.)Frederick Arrives - The nature of Frederick's birth determines a lot of his character; he is one day old.' .
2.)Frederick Leaves Home - The first day of school leads to later discoveries of the oddity of life; he is five years old .
3.)Two Ladies in Bed - Frederick is greatly, sexually aroused for the first time in his life; he is eight years old."
4.)The Pro Shop - A contradictory mystery is resolved, but evil appears in Frederick's life; he is 10 years old.'
5.)The Curbside Philosophers - Personal mortality is discovered by Frederick as the philosophers talk and play; he is 11 years old."" (2g13 words) .
6.)V-J Day - Frederick learns much from his Father, who learns something about his son; Frederick is 12 years old."'" (3,092 words) .
7.)7. Saturday ie October - Frederick experiences fame and love; he is 13 years old.'"' (8,925 words .
8.)A Friendly Tea, a Nebrasku Football Player, Rachmaninoff, and Black Jack Pershing - Frederick is a freshman in college and has his first cultural experiences away from home; he is 17 years old.' .
9.)An Incident - Prederick is in basic training in the Army; he is 20 years old."" (945 words) .
10.)10. Mirror Image/Part One: The Promotion - Frederick finds the Army and the people in it more complicated than he thought; he is 21 years old.""" (2,676 words).
11.)Minor tmage/Part Two: The Bostonian WarrioOfficer James Ross finds that persons in the army, like Frederick, are very complicated; same day, time, and experience, but told from Ross's point of view."'" (2,116 words) .
12.)Mirror Image - This story is identical to the two preceding stories, with minor edits made to the stories to accommodate the integrated version.'"' (4,814 words) .
13.)Tashkent and Samarkand - Frederick, back home in his village, encounters his culture once again; he is 22 years old.'"' (3,838 words) .
14.)14. The Meeting of Soul Mates - Frederick "sees" Katherine at work and loves her "on sight"; he is 23 years old."

Short Stories of a Modern Day Villager:

1.)The Curbside Philosophers.
2.)V-J Day.
3.)An Incident.
4.)Tashkent and Samarkand.
5.)Footnotes and Citations.
6.)Another Incident.

15.)Ma Kettle's Kitchen - Frederick learns first-hand the meaning of Joseph Campbell's The Masks of God; he is 28 years old.
16.)He and Me - Frederick discovers that we can never know one another and must remain strangers to all but a few others; he is 30 years old."'+ (4,427 words).
17.)Footnotes and Citatioes - Frederick, now 35, meets his academic hero &om his University days, in town for a scholarly convention, Frederick finally sees his hero's humanness, which he did not see as a student and budding writer.'"' (1,795 words).
18.)The Meaning of Life - Frederick becomes a Father at age 37; intuitively, he knows that this event, for him, is "the meaning of life.
19.)Institutions: The Painting 'Death's Head" - Frederick's Father dies, and Frederick ties together the past, near and far, with the present; he is now 40 years old." .
20.)Another Incident - Frederick becomes a statistic; he is 46 years old."" (1,070 words).
21.)The Hostages - Frederick's dilemma is everyone's dilemma; he is 47 years old.+ " (4,537 words).
22.)Nontraditional - Again - Frederick returns to the University to complete his college degree but gets sick instead; he is 55 years old. .
23.)"When I Do Count the Clock" - Frederick looks back at the time he became a father at age 37; he is now 57 years old.'.
24.)Another Saturday in October - Frederick, 60 years old, now experiences another memorable Saturday in October. Though he does not die physically, his life now ends.
25.)Suicide or Sacrifice? There Must Never Be Such a Choice - Frederick broods over his current situation and understands what it means; he is 61 years old.'
26.)Lost in the Light - Frederick, 64 years old, now knows he "cannot learn it all," as once he thought he could; doser to death now because he is getting older, he finally "knows the light," but he is still lost in it.
27.)No Longer Here But Not Quite There - Frederick, now 66 years old, finds himself in both worlds - Earth's and what follows life on Earth. He is content.' .
28.)In His Own Good Time: Frederick Leaves Us - The death of Frederick; there are three basic ways to die.

1.)Pebbles in a Pond (746 words).
Crime, Punishment, and Compassion (660 words).
An Interesting Word (498 words).
Cosmic Oneness (490 words).
Letter to a Friend: J- (600 words).
Backyard Husbandry (479 words).
The Culture of Sports (504 words).
8.)Ecology and Technology (487 words).
On the Meaning of Life and Death (579 words).
10.)Numbers,Machines, and Social Customs (577 words).
11.)A Common Sensibility (640 words).
12.)The Unanswerable Question of Questions (503 words).
Letter to a Friend: M- (581 words).
How We View Celebrities (521 words).
Communism, Capitalism, and College Sports (587 words).
Genius (537 words).
Nice people (592 words).
18.)Fish, Ships, Dams and Us (554 words).