Cameraman Registration with FE International.

Registration with FE International is prerequisite for all Cameramen, Videographers, Cinematographer .If you are not a registered member as yet, but have materials with FEI, we urge you to become a member by filling out the registration form.

As a member you will be able to access - "Open Projects" (or possible assignments) , or to be eligible for requests from "Hire a Cameraman, Videographer, Cinematographer". Your materials will be available from our "Full Access" database (subscribers access by password only ). In "Limited Access", some materials will be available for viewing in "Video Index". Under new system all  the materials, are available from our database  -  24 hrs., a day and seven days a week.  Increase of  marketing potential to 70%., worldwide.

Commission structure for registered members:

To Cameraman, Videographer, Cinematographer: from the sale 60%, and to FEI: 40%.
On working Contract: First three months from the day when the Contract is signed: 60% to Cameraman, Videographer, Cinematographer - 40% to FEI.

The Commission structure apply only under the membership that the registration was made for, and is not combinable with others, unless otherwise indicated.

E mail this registration form to:

FEI, Foto Expression International.
Cameraman, Videographer, Cinematographer - Registration.
266 Charlotte Str. Suite 297.
Peterborough., Ontario.
K9J 2V4 Canada.

# 1. The registration must be supported by materials that were or are available for publishing (only the best), preferred on VHS, CD Rom , plus two photos of yourself size: 1.1/2 x 1.1/2 inch., or 37 x37 mm.

*If you are an approved photographer by FEI, please specify that under Affiliations or Professional Accreditation, include your reference number.

Please note that any application for registration can be denied by the FE International, a decision based entirely on grounds of relevant professional experience and supporting material, that you'll send to us. FEI does not discriminate on grounds of age, race, gender, ethnic background, religion or any related basis.

Register me with FEI & FPINS International - Cameraman, Videographer, Cinematographer!

State or  Province:   Zip/Post.Code:  
Phone:    Fax: 
Short Personal Profile & Experience: 

Affiliations or Professional Accreditation's: 

Registration form must be e mail or Mail with all supporting materials.
You may confirm a submission of this form  after 15 working days by phone,
with Operations at: (705) 745-5770

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