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The following subjects are needed. Don't forget important facts that these Images are to be used in many seasons and on many occasions for years to come. Try some new things, using the flash out- doors, 28 mm lens close-ups etc. If you are planning on doing some shooting as a personal assignment, refer to our detailed photographers' guidelines, where you may find some helpful advice. Use photography to explore and to show. Look for the clues of life and the needs of our stock.

ANIMALS AND BIRDS - must be properly identified including family ( ID captioned on frame is a must), preferably pictures taken in the wilderness (close-ups please, or telephoto). Domestic cats and dogs in their favorite pastimes and different kinds of fish from steams, rivers and lakes (also the affects at pollution). Horses. domestic or wild in wilderness) and insects, all categories (close-ups must be captioned by proper name).

BUSINESS - businessmen and women, business meetings and conferences, business lunches in restaurants, traveling airports etc.). Executives at their desks and at their computers; secretaries at their desks on the telephone, computer rooms where larger numbers of people are working (on all shoots people must be well-dressed and must not be smoking). Stock exchanges and related activities.

COUPLES - the summer, both young and old - walking on the beach, holding hands, swimming, dancing, horseback riding, playing golf or tennis,  by the pool sunbathing. Please pay attention to couples in the 45 to 55 age categories and to their life-styles - all kinds of activities (no silhouettes please).

COMPUTERS - all types of computers including mega and portable, computers in business and on the road. Microchips, motherboards (use imagination) and micro, use of multimedia applications control rooms or individuals), people at their computers (decision making and the use of applications).

FAMILIES - in the summer - mothers and children, fathers playing with children, families in everyday situations, eating and playing, enjoying picnics, holiday activities, celebrations or human tragedies in families. (people must be clean and well groomed - close-ups please). Love and appreciation of the family must be shown.

FOOD - again the stress is on season (again close-ups please). Dishes both hot and cold, salads fruits and vegetables, favorite dishes, cooking (story shot in sequence), dining, food preparation for parties, outdoor barbecuing and serving and harvesting of some of the produce grown over the summer from gardens and farmers' fields.

INDUSTRY - industry,, and production (try to tell the story from A to Z with 12 images). Choose an industry you are family with or do your homework first. Let us know if you need an introductory letter. Take into consideration applying for FPINS accreditation (see your guidelines). Difficult but rewarding assignments include the automobile industry (production and service - the surroundings must be neat and workers clean. Lumber industry, mills iron works, mining, oil refineries, oil pipelines, welders, deep-sea and saturation diving. All other industries are needed as well. Use photography to show the unknown and the unfamiliar to the general public.

MEDICAL - medicine is not well represented in stock photography ( nobody goes to see the doctor or visits the hospital to take pictures. Why not? In the summer there are more accidents and emergencies. These situations present opportunities to the photographer. Doctors with patients, nurses, operating and rehabilitation rooms, medical equipment. Emergency situations, ambulances (inside and outside - in the evening or at night). Patients both young and old - in beds, wheelchairs, hospitals waiting rooms. Maternity wards, birth of children, babies in the arms of mother and father and also grandparents (happy moments). Pharmacies, drugstores, pharmacy staff, displays of drugs and designs of the interiors. At this time of year homeless people are more visible and alcohol and drug addiction on our streets would be one of the subjects. Young people facing the same problem - (exploit the subject).

PEOPLE - crowds on streets, rush hours, shopping malls (use existing lighting - try reflections) shopping for summer goods. People traveling on holidays and how they spend their time (cycling, horseback riding, climbing). Protests and demonstrations (all colors and origins) from political rallies (show organization leaders - note, these people must have names) and human rights in all countries. The environment and protests (close-ups and also show masses). Parades and summer festivals and people, personalities and celebrities and politicians. People living in ghettos, poverty, homelessness (close-up of faces - use 28 mm. lens and get the light to work for you).

SCIENCE & SPACE - all aspects of science, research ( show laboratories, progress on protects, testing etc.). In science the demand is for new breakthroughs in research, for publication including research teams or individuals (must be well-groomed). Communication technology - fiber optics and others as well as equipment. Commercial aircraft and development (engines and different parts), major airports, navigation and communication equipment (taking pictures of some of the equipment may require special permission). NASA programs, research, space shuttle, space shuttle taking off and landing (dramatic pictures, both day, and night), all types of satellites, science and space projects.

SPORTS - summer outdoor sports (individuals or groups). Sailing, power boat racing (close-up shots needed of racing crews at work). Sport fishing showing the catch (preferably 28 mm or 24 mm lenses, use natural and flash light). Car racing. Use your imagination - not all shots to be frozen. Windsurfing, jogging, hiking, golf, general flying, hang gliding, fishing, scuba diving, tennis and other summer activities.

TRAVEL - all international countries and major cities in Canada - must be no older than three years. Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec. United States - Detroit, Washington DC, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami. Travel photos are more in demand where detail is emphasized. Be selective in shooting your point of interest. Twenty roles of film will illustrate your holiday destination quite well (use the light to your advantage - shadow can be creative, but also destructive). Other cities. Paris, Rome, London, Madrid, Geneva, Brussels, Berlin. We'd like to see any travel material, also including the destinations of South America, such as Peru, Chile and Argentina. Cruise holidays and people enjoying the comfort and luxury, including ports of call (model release is not required as long as the person is not posing for the picture). Motor homes and mobile homes from inside or outside - with people.

GENERAL - summer presents unlimited opportunities for the photographer. Just take some points into consideration for good photography (in our detailed guidelines). Besides the accidents natural disasters and concerts that are happening during the summer, you can use your imagination and set up the best photo assignment for yourself or with friends. Scenes from the circus, ballet or plays, opera buildings, old historical buildings or use "know-how indoor outdoor" to show how to repair or build.

Photography received for submission must meet our quality standards. Images on CD's must have  caption list with it. Slides that are out of focus and not captioned, or are without MR (model release), or slides that are not requested by our clients will be returned to you. We would like you to understand that like any stock agency, certain subjects are requested more frequently and sell better than others. If you have any questions, please contact us at FEI .

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