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North America:
|Canada Canada. Quebec City.PQ.*|
|Canada Canada. Toronto.ON.* |
|Canada Canada. Ottawa.ON.*|
|Canada Canada. Vancouver.BC.*|
|Canada Canada. Victoria, BC.*|
|USA USA . Chicago. IL .*|
|USA USA . Los Angeles. CA..*|
|USA USA . San Francisco. CA .*|
|USA USA . Miami.FL *|
|USA USA. New York. NY.*|
|USA USA. Washington. DC.*|

|Belgium Belgium.*|
|UK England.*|
|France France.*|
|Germany Germany.*|
|Ireland Ireland.*|
|Italy Italy.*|
|Netherlands Netherlands.*|
|Scotland Scotland.*|
|Spain Spain.*
|Switzerland Switzerland.*|
Bulgaria Bulgaria.*|
|Croatia Croatia .*|
|Czech Rep. Czech Rep.*
|Hungary Hungary.*|
|Romania Romania.*|
|Russia Russia.*||
|Slovak Republic Slovak Rep.*|
|Yugoslavia Serbia .*|
Mdl. East:
|Iran Iran.*|
|Israel Israel.*|
|Jordan Jordan.*|
|Lebanon Lebanon.*|
|Turkey Turkey.*|
Central & 

South America:
|Argentina Argentina.*|
|Guatemala Guatemala.*|
|Brazil Brazil.*|
|Paraguay Paraguay.*|
|Algeria Algeria .*|
|Gambia Gambia.*|
|Ghana Ghana.*|
|Nigeria Nigeria.*|
|Sierra Leon Sierra Leon.*|
|Zambia Zambia.*|

Asia & 

Indo China:
|Bangladesh Bangladesh.* |
|India India.* |
|Pakistan Pakistan.* |
|Singapore Singapore.*|
|Thailand Thailand.* |
Pac. Rim & Australia:
|Hong Kong Hong Kong.*|
|Japan Japan .*|
|Korea Korea.*|
|Australia Australia.*|