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Fotopress Independent News Service International (FPINS), and Foto Expression International (FEI) ,
as countries become one international community and businesses expanded beyond the traditional borders, global diversification expands growth opportunities. Bargains on these emerging global information system, the Independent News Service represents one of the prime investment opportunities of our time.
 John M. Kubik


Operations Director of FPINS International.



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John M Kubik,  businessman, journalist, photographer and former member of diplomatic mission. Active in media since 1967, providing coverage's from Middle East, Europe, Central and South America. Born in former Yugoslavia,Croatia to Slovak parents, father employ of Slovak Danube Shipping Company. Educated in former Czechoslovakia, Canada and USA - International Affairs and Business, dominated the most of his career. Never finished more than one semester  on each Universitie  "I know what I need to know," Owner of International Underwater Exploration Co. for offshore oil drilling and Saturation Diving - North Sea, Under Contracts Established several Travel Agencies and Tour Companie, Licenced Pilot. Owner of Photo Stock Agencie including Foto Expression International (FEI) and Fotopress Independent News Service International (FPINS).